Positive Education Day-Respectful Relationships

On behalf of the Respectful Relationships Focus Group and the Wellbeing Team, I would like to thank all the guest speakers and community groups for making today such a positive day.

Today, Wirreanda Secondary School conducted a whole day of focus and awareness around resilience, respectful relationships, conflict resolution strategies and mindfulness to help raise awareness around Respectful Relationships and to support White Ribbon Day.

This has included:

  • Targeted workshop sessions with the objective of raising  awareness around Respectful Relationships.
  • Fostering a sense of belonging within our community.
  • Facilitating learning programs that focus on responsibility to connect with, and care for others to boost confidence.

The long term outcome of these sessions as part of White Ribbon Day is to continue to develop skills and knowledge in resilience, respectful relationships, and conflict resolution strategies. We hope that this will aid in enhancing our interactions with our school community, and develop meaningful life-skills for our students. Wirreanda Secondary School has committed to the White Ribbon: “Breaking the Silence” schools programs as part of the primary prevention of violence against women. We recognise that the primary prevention of violence against women is an important first step to use an educational setting as a platform to raise awareness and build a culture of respectful relationships.
Our lunchtime community event showcased our school’s commitment and awareness of White Ribbon Day. Our students had access to a live DJ, activities from the Onkaparinga Council, henna tattoo artists, a staff vs student Netball event and and a visit from Port Adelaide Football Club. We also held a donation drive to assist St Vincent de Paul with donations for their Women’s Shelter. Again – Wirreanda demonstrated its commitment to helping others in our community.

Throughout the year, we have actively celebrated the diversity of our school community and promoted positive wellbeing strategies to all students and staff. Events such as today are the embodiment of our safe school policy, inclusivity strategies and programs in which all members of Wirreanda Secondary School have:

  • The right to be included and have respect from others
  • The right to learn or to be taught
  • The right to feel safe and secure in their school environment

We acknowledge that Wirreanda Secondary School is a White Ribbon and Safe School Coalition site and promotes respectful relationships amongst all members of the community, to improve the wellbeing of all students and staff.
On a personal note this was my last Wellbeing event at Wirreanda, it has been the journey of a lifetime and I am beyond thankful for my time here.

Teresa Bruno



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